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created by Michael Novakhov  •  May 20 2023

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My Opinion: Adolf Eichmann was a Jew, and the New Abwehr’s Scapegoat 📷The News And Times…
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My Opinion: Adolf Eichmann was a Jew, and the New Abwehr’s Scapegoat Michael Novakhov (Mike Nova) 5/20/2023…
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 My Opinion: Adolf Eichmann is a Jew, and the New Abwehr’s Scapegoat  Michael Novakhov @mikenovposted…
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Doesn’t he look AMAZINGLY JEWISH?! Maybe, that is why he was made very convenient scapegoat, to vent…
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Michael Novakhov retweeted: OTD May 20, 1960…
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Michael Novakhov retweeted: Госсекретарь США…
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Michael Novakhov retweeted: Зеленский прибыл…
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Michael Novakhov retweeted: On this day in…
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retrospective analysis – Google Search
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Michael Novakhov retweeted: Wir @G7 wollen…
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Retrospective analysis of intelligence operations – Google Search
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