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The Middle East needs the historical, comprehensive, stable Abrahamic Peace Treaty, not some Potemkin accords

Why Has Biden Stopped Pushing for Arab-Israeli Peace?Why Has Biden Stopped Pushing for Arab-Israeli Peace?

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The Middle East needs the historical, comprehensive, stable Abrahamic Peace Treaty, not some Potemkin accords

The so called and much ballyhooed “abrahamic accords”  (

did not bring peace to the Middle East, as it was advertised by Trump, the new Fuhrer, and his New Abwehr’s Chief Money Manager, Jared Kushner. It became just an empty sound, and maybe a promise. 

Saudis are quite consistent and logical, pledging to resume the process after the Gaza war. 


Saudi Arabia is still interested in pursuing a normalization deal with Israel after its war against Hamas in Gaza ends, an envoy from the Gulf nation said Tuesday.” 

The Middle East needs the historical Abrahamic Peace Treaty, the foundation of which will be, as one hopes, the accords between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The people of the Middle East inherited three great Abrahamic Religions 


which became the world’s essential cultural heritage. 

Putin derailed this peace process, for the number and for the variety of important for him reasons, which should be analyzed at some point later. Now he wants to show that he is relevant and needed, and he holds the key to the release of about 100 hostages, imprisoned by Hamas and his Wagner Group and therefore to the end of the war. 

Behind the troika of Trump, Putin, and Netanyahu is the Russian Speaking Mob, or the TOC. 

I doubt that Netanyahu will be able to retain power for long. I also doubt that Trump will be able to stay out of prison by this October, unless he finds some extra brilliant October Surprise 2024. Putin’s predicament may be harder to predict, but it lacks stability: the support of the elites is waning, despite the high poll numbers. 

The New Abwehr is in the process of changing horses. The Abwehr’s specialty, in both its old and the new reincarnations, is the big, epical, spectacular political operations. 

We may see something very interesting this year. 

Michael Novakhov (Mike Nova) | 11:25 AM 1/22/2024 

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