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created by Michael Novakhov  •  Feb 04 2023

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US employers added over 500 thousand jobs last month, far more than forecasters expected. The unemployment…
NPR Topics: Business Story of the Day Podcast 1h

Ukraine news – live: Zelensky vows to fight off Putin’s troops from ‘fortress’ Bakhmut  The Independent
“Russia Ukraine” – Google News 1h
6oV9A6Le_reasonably_small.jpg а>
SPIES&VESPERS retweeted: 4 February 1945: The Yalta Conference began…
SPIES&VESPERS (Twitter) 1h

If you thought Republicans had done all the political grandstanding they could do on immigration, then…
Reuters: World News 1h

Pentagon taking measures to limit Chinese balloon’s capabilities amid news of 2nd balloon over Latin…
Global Security News from Michael_Novakhov (30 sites) 1h

Idaho University murders: Victim’s family challenges gag order  FOX 35 Orlando
“Idaho murders” – Google News 1h

‘Right move’ by Kohberger to waive speedy trial: Legal analyst  NewsNation Now
“Bryan Kohberger opioids addiction” – Google News 1h

U.S. seeks to expel Russian mercenaries from Sudan, Libya …  Aldergrove Star
“Russia Council Meeting” – Google News 1h

Zelensky calls for faster weapons deliveries after Western tanks …  Axios
“weapons for ukraine” – Google News 1h

Ukraine war: US to provide long-range missiles in latest aid package  BBCU.S. Package of $2.2 Billion…
“weapons for ukraine” – Google News 1h

NPR News: 02-04-2023 9AM ET
NPR: Hourly News Summary Podcast 1h

Germany gathering evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine – Public Prosecutor General  Ukrinform
“Germany” – Google News 1h

Two years after US Capitol attack, investigation into Trump and …  CNN
trump – Google News 1h

Watch live as Pope Francis meets with people displaced by conflict in South Sudan Click here to…
The Independent 1h

Mandatory statements are quickly taking hold of academia
The Economist: United States 1h
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#OpEd Russia is swapping its dollar dependence for reliance on the yuan. Should relations with China…
The Moscow Times (Twitter) 1h

F16s are still on Kyiv’s wish list.
KyivPost 1h

Ukraine is no stranger to malign forces rampaging over its soil. While there is no solution to the problem…
KyivPost 1h
iiO1YyZL_reasonably_small.jpg а>
McCarthy gets first big win as Speaker
The Hill (Twitter) 1h
iiO1YyZL_reasonably_small.jpg а>
President Biden: “We’re not going to only see jobs coming back, but a sense of self-worth and pride coming…
The Hill (Twitter) 1h
iiO1YyZL_reasonably_small.jpg а>
Senate Democrats look for way forward on marijuana banking bill
The Hill (Twitter) 1h

Living With This Thing We Call Psychosis  Psychology Today
“Russian Mafia” – Google News 1h

Brooklyn housing complex briefly loses power on coldest morning of the year  CBS New York
“Brooklyn News” – Google News 1h

Germany handed over nine generators with a capacity of 440 kW to 1,000 kW to Kharkiv region to connect…
Interfax-Ukraine 1h

Biden says ‘no’ to US sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine  Arab News
“Biden on cyberattacks” – Google News 1h

After Netanyahu talks, Macron warns of Iran nuclear ‘consequences’  Arab News
“Biden on cyberattacks” – Google News 1h

IMF predicts Russian economy to rebound in 2023  The Bell “Opposition in Russia” – Google News
1. Russian Opposition from Michael_Novakhov (75 sites) 1h

Medvedev: Russia Will Give Hard Response to Potential Strikes …  See
“donbass” – Google News 1h

Pope Francis who is currently on a visit to South Sudan will meet the victims of the Civil War and pay…

State of the Union: Biden Sees Economic Glow, GOP Sees Gloom  U.S. News & World Report
“Biden” – Google News 1h

The State secretary was due to visit Beijing on Sunday for talks aimed at reducing tensions between the…
New York Sun 1h

Did late James Kallstrom of the NY FBI and his protégé Charles McGonigal fix the Election 2016 for Trump…
The News And Times 6h

Continue reading the main storyAs the counterintelligence chief in New York, Charles McGonigal had access… 6h

Convicting Donald Trump won’t bring justice | Opinion  The Independent
“Trumpism” – Google News 6h

  The FederalistThe post How Robert Mueller Centralized The FBI’s Unfathomable Power – The Federalist…
Disease X-19 – 6h

  SpyTalkThe post Secret Agent Man: The Mysterious Charlie McGonigal – SpyTalk first appeared on…
Disease X-19 – 6h

  Creators SyndicateThe post What Does Charlie McGonigal Know About 2016?, by Joe Conason – Creators…
Disease X-19 – 6h

It was arguably the most consequential “October Surprise” in the history of American presidential…
Disease X-19 – 6h

Battle rages in Ukraine town; Russia shakes up its military  Hawaii News Now
“Gen. Gerasimov was wounded” – Google News 6h

Rep. Ilhan Omar, who was removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is seen following a vote at…
FBI Reform – 20h

By Elaine Kamarck Like presidents before him, Joe Biden will almost certainly focus his State of the…
FBI Reform – 20h

By Natan Sachs, Suzanne Maloney, Samantha Gross, Constanze Stelzenmüller, Jeffrey Feltman, Bruce Riedel,…
FBI Reform – 20h

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine will achieve its European goals, in particular,…
Interfax-Ukraine 20h

  In The Know
“twitter down” – Google News 20h

It was arguably the most consequential “October Surprise” in the history of American presidential elections…. 20h

  Creators Syndicate
“James Kallstrom and Trump” – Google News 21h

“James Kallstrom and Trump” – Google News 21h

  The Federalist
“James Kallstrom and Trump” – Google News 21h

  The Washington Post
“James Kallstrom and Trump” – Google News 21h

On Ashli Babbitt, Trump pushes McCarthy to stick to the script  MSNBC “Donald Trump” – Google News…
Trumpistan Today from Michael_Novakhov (26 sites) 21h

Exposure to the Russian Internet Research Agency foreign influence …
“Election 2016 Investigations” – Google News 21h

Jim Jordan Lists Out Everything He Wants From the FBI on Charles …  msnNOW
“Charles McGonigal” – Google News 21h

Did late James Kallstrom of the NY FBI and his protégé Charles McGonigal fix the Election 2016 for… 21h

#Russian officials likely seek to avoid the chaos that characterized the partial mobilization in the…
Russia – Ukraine War | The Russia News 22h

Iran and Armenia  JAMnews The post Iran and Armenia – JAMnews first appeared on The Russia And Ukraine…
Russia – Ukraine War | The Russia News 22h

2023-02-02T22:35:55ZWASHINGTON/BEIJING (Reuters) -U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken postponed a…
Reuters 22h

  Vanity Fair
“James Kallstrom and Trump” – Google News 23h

  The New Republic
“James Kallstrom and Trump” – Google News 23h

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