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Selected Articles Review – 9:57 AM 7/20/2023: America and Mexico

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Selected Articles Review – 9:57 AM 7/20/2023

 Selected Articles Review – 9:42 AM 7/20/2023United States | A new Mexican-American warHow Mexico has become the “enemy” of America’s RepublicansA growing number of them want to use military force against drug cartelsNot high enough, apparentlyimage: getty imagesJul 20th 2023 | WASHINGTON, DCMain news and opinions, selected, compiled, and occasionally…
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More than once, as president, Donald Trump mused about firing missiles at the drug labs of Mexican cartels. “No one would know it was us,” he declared, before being talked out of the idea. Mark Esper, the then defence secretary, recounted the incident in his memoirs published last year, astonished that bombing a neighbour could be seriously thought…
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How Donald Trump Ended Up With Priceless Israeli Antiquities
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The American people urgently need to know the true history of the war in Ukraine and its current prospects. Unfortunately, the mainstream media ––The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, MSNBC, and CNN –– have become mere mouthpieces of the government, repeating US President Joe Biden’s lies and hiding history from the public. Biden…
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Putin Will Skip South African Summit For A Rather Embarrassing Reason  Yahoo Canada Finance
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Spain supports and will continue to support any efforts to help Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression, but this international assistance should be more structured and requires closer coordination between the EU, its partners and Ukraine itself.
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Украинские войска начали применять на фронте кассетные …  Republic
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