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Pope Francis labels antisemitism ‘sin against God’


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Pope Francis condemned all forms of anti-Judaism and antisemitism, labeling them as a “sin against God,” after noticing an increase in attacks against Jews around the world.”(The Church) rejects every form of anti-Judaism and antisemitism, unequivocally condemning manifestations of hatred towards Jews and Judaism as a sin against God,” the pontiff…
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2024 is the biggest electoral year in history, with people heading to the polls in dozens of countries. This is DW’s preview to the most consequential elections of 2024 across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas – and what they mean for the health and future of democracy. Correspondent Rosie Birchard speaks to DW experts on Taiwan, India, South Africa,…
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Immigration is a hot issue ahead of the 2024 US general elections just hours ahead of the first Democrat primary. President Joe Biden’s administration seems to be in trouble yet again Saturday’s alleged migrant attack on the New York City Police sparked a political uproar. #nypd #immigration #election About Channel: WION The World is One…
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Germany warned Israel over IDF’s plan to move its offensive to Rafah where thousands of vulnerable Palestinians have taken shelter since the first phase of the war. Israeli Defense Minister said the forces would move from Khan Younis to Rafah as IDF completed its objective. Watch the full video to know more. #rafah #idf #germany #germanforeignminister…
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The Pentagon confirmed that the United States launched retaliatory strikes that hit more than 85 targets in Iran and Syria yesterday, less than a week after a drone attack in Jordan killed three U.S. troops. Those bodies were returned to the U.S. on Friday. CBS News’ Christina Ruffini has more from the White House. “CBS Saturday Morning” co-hosts…
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Footage released by 72nd Mechanized Brigade appears to show the high-precision strike carried out by Ukrainian FPV drone against a Russian tank. Shortly after impact, smoke rises from the blown up tank. This footage has not been verified by The Sun. Read more:…
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A man has attacked three people at a major train station in Paris, police said, adding that they don’t believe it was a terror attack. READ MORE : Subscribe to our channel: Watch our LIVE here:…
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Ukraine’s air defences downed nine of 14 Russian drones in an overnight attack that hit energy infrastructure in the city of Kryvyi Rih, the air force and regional officials said on Saturday. #russiaukrainewar #Ukraine #WION About Channel: WION The World is One News examines global issues with in-depth analysis. We provide much more than the…
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Hundreds of worshippers gather on a beach in Rio de Janeiro to pay tribute to Iemanja, the sea goddess of the Afro-Brazilian religions Candomble and Umbanda. Interested in licensing this video ? Get in touch 👉 N.B.: AFP’s services and content are for professional use only
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Analysis: What to make of the US retaliation strikes against pro-Iranian militias in Iraq and Syria  CNN
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Former media advisor to Netanyahu: Israel’s PM has changed, time to vote  The Jerusalem Post
Hamas deploys police, distributes funds in sign of resurgence in Gaza areas Israeli troops have left  CNBC
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Hamas shows signs of resurgence in parts of Gaza where Israeli troops largely withdrew weeks ago  Yahoo News
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Nearly 40 killed in US retaliatory strikes in Iraq, Syria  The Jerusalem Post
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Hamas says US strikes on Iraq, Syria ‘pour oil on the fire’  The Times of Israel
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U.S. conducts strikes in Iraq and Syria in response to the killing of 3 service members  NPR
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U.S. strikes Iran and Syria after deadly drone attack in Jordan  CBS News
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US launches retaliatory strikes in Iraq and Syria − a national security expert explains the message they send  Yahoo News
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Iran Condemns US Retaliatory Strikes in Iraq, Syria  ایران اینترنشنال
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Iran’s proxies played with fire, now it’s burning them – Polish minister  The Jerusalem Post
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