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My Opinion – #Opinion: The case of Anthony Weiner, the October Surprise 2019, and the Diagnostic Signs of the New Abwehr Intelligence – Political Operation

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Michael Novakhov: The Signs (Diagnostic Triad) of the New Abwehr Operations:

1. Judeophobia with the psychologically complex (e.g. self-hatred), mixed German-Jewish identity and background, as in upper echelons of Abwehr.

2. Homophobia, often with the latent or overt Homosexuality, as present, presumed or perceived in many high German military officers after WWI.

3. The key, “pathognomonic” sign of Austria Phobia, the cognitive bias prevalent in Abwehr officers, the historical legacy of the German – Austrian wars and rivalry of XIX century, e.g. the derision and hatred of Hitler after the WWII.

The presence of all these signs, in various degrees is hypothesized to be present in the case of Anthony Weiner, which led to the October Surprise 2019. In my opinion, this and other circumstances of the Election 2019 point to the quite possible involvement of the New Abwehr in it as their staged political-intelligence operation, as many other in the post WWII History. See the New Abwehr Hypothesis.

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