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Iran did not suspend cooperation agreement with Russia, ambassador says – Al Arabiya English … Iran did not suspend cooperation agreement with Russia, Ambassador says – Deccan Herald … Putin’s Hidden Game in the South Caucasus – Foreign Affairs Magazine … President Raisi’s Death Shows the Russia-Iran Partnership Is Inescapable Carnegie

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Speaking in Tel Aviv after a series of meetings with Israeli officials, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he believes there is a “strong consensus” among Israeli leaders to move forward with the Gaza ceasefire plan. Blinken mentioned that Netanyahu, whom he met yesterday, reiterated his support for the plan. He also received positive signals…
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Azov Brigade said it will become more “dangerous for Russian occupiers” after the Biden administration’s decision to lift its weapons and training ban on the controversial Ukrainian unit. The US State Department’s decision reverses a ban-imposed years ago amid concerns in Washington about the group’s origins. The Azov Brigade is known for its tenacious…
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The Danger of Lumping China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran Together  Newsweek
China, Russia, Iran Have Made Ukraine a World War Against US, Europe  Bloomberg
Chinese, Iranian, and Russian gangs are attacking the U.S.’s drinking water and officials are alarmed  Fortune
Russia stresses strong ties with Iran as Putin calls interim president  Reuters
The Iran-Russia Friendship Won’t Wither Under Raisi’s Successor  Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
President Raisi’s Death Shows the Russia-Iran Partnership Is Inescapable  Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Selected Articles – The News And Times
The Far Right’s Invitation for Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections  Center For American Progress
Lori Falce: Prisoners held in Russia mirror hostages held in Iran  TribLIVE
Iran did not suspend cooperation agreement with Russia, ambassador says  Al Arabiya English
Russia’s new co-operation pact with Iran suspended, RIA agency reports  Reuters
Russia temporarily suspends new cooperation pact with Iran  The Times of Israel
Top Iran, Russia diplomats discuss countering US illegal acts  Mehr News Agency – English Version

Канал Романа Цимбалюка – @RomanTsymbaliuk RU – В России усилились панические настроения после того, как Запад решился и разрешил ВСУ наносить удары по территории врага. Кремль готов отказаться от Крыма. Детальнее об этом и не только рассказал журналист Роман Цимбалюк. До сих пор не подписаны на УНИАН в Telegram? Канал…
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