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Howie Carr: Marathon monsters ‘Speedbump’ and ‘Joker’

Did I miss something on Marathon Monday?

It seems that it was the tenth anniversary of something… a tragedy, it appears. But it was left unclear what exactly happened. Across all state-run media, there were vague references to an event at the Boston Marathon in 2013 during which, as Ilhan Omar might put it, “Some people did something.”

There were passing mentions of how “bombs went off.”

Or “when the bombing happened.”

The event was reported as if it were a natural calamity, like a hurricane or tornado or blizzard — an “act of God” as the insurance companies might put it.

But here’s a list of some of the words that somehow didn’t get quite the attention they might have:

“Terrorists… aliens… Muslims… welfare….anti-American….”

Are state-run media now afraid to utter the T word – Tsarnaev?

Are we not to even consider why the Marathon was bombed – because of the nation’s suicidal immigration policies since 1965, welcoming with open arms millions of Third World savages who at best wish us ill, and who at worst want to use the generous welfare payments we provide them to buy weapons of mass destruction to murder us with?

Like the bloodthirsty Tsarnaevs did.

Almost from the moment the bombs went off on Boylston Street, the facts of this horrible hate crime against Americans have been whitewashed.

In 2003, the Tsarnaev hate-crime family scammed their way into the US seeking “asylum.” They then flopped onto every form of welfare imaginable – the full Tsarnaev, as it came to be known. Soon three generations of them – for the daughters quickly began breeding a new generation of dependents – were living large in the People’s Republic of Cambridge.

We were told by the Globe that the older son, Tamerlan (later to be known as “Speedbump” after his brother ran over him) was a “stay-at-home dad.” He was also a person of interest in the murder of seven Americans by the age of 25.

The younger brother, Dzhokhar, the Joker, was a “charming kid with a bright future,” according to Rolling Stone, which swooned over his “tousled hair.”

The Globe likewise gushed over the Joker – a “rangy teenager” with a “heart of gold.” He loved French fries – but probably not as much as killing small fries, at least if they were Christian infidels at the Boston Marathon.

Their mother was “very glamorous.” She also had very sticky fingers – arrested for shoplifting $1,600 worth of merchandise at the Natick Mall.

Dad was a devout Muslim with his “beloved cognac,” which seems a bit of a contradiction in terms.

The Tsarnaevs were beset by demons though, all of which were caused by having to live a life of leisure subsidized by the Great Satan.

Speedbump “heard voices,” none of which ever told him to get a job, apparently.

The Globe wrote an interminable sob story about them, noting that at the Tsarnaevs’ Section 8 welfare townhouse, “Money was in short supply.”

Maybe one or two of the foreign deadbeats should have at least considered getting a job.

Foreigners on welfare who hated America — you can imagine how much Democrats loved them. After the slaughter, then-President Barack Obama warned, “People shouldn’t jump to conclusions before we have all the facts.”

Then-Gov. Deval Patrick sternly lectured against blaming Muslim terrorists for Muslim terrorism:

“There are times when all kinds of forces conspire to make people think of categories of people sometimes in uncharitable terms.”

When the wounded Joker was captured in a backyard boat in Watertown, the cops grabbed his “manifesto,” which outlined how much he loathed America and Christians.

A day later, Patrick was asked on state-run TV about their obvious motives. He said he didn’t know why those “two young fellas” had decided to bomb the people who’d welcomed them into a civilized society with indoor plumbing and central heating.

Ten years later, none of this was mentioned by any Democrats with press passes at the Marathon Monday. But this is how the media operate now – if something doesn’t advance the party’s narrative, it is verboten to discuss.

CBS News ordered its reporter not to describe the transgender killer of Christians in Nashville as transgender. The gay-bar shootings in Colorado Springs were a huge story until it was discovered that the killer was “non-binary.”

The six murders at the 2021 Waukesha Christmas parade in Wisconsin got major national coverage until it turned out they were committed by a racist black thug. From then on, the deaths were inevitably blamed on the SUV.

Democrats still say cops were murdered on Jan. 6 – an abject lie. A Capitol cop was murdered months later – by a member of the Nation of Islam. Good luck finding any stories about that hate crime.

I have a friend who personally knew the charming tousle-haired boy with a heart of gold, when he was a drug dealer at UMass-Dartmouth.

My friend’s name is Phil Paleologos and he’s the morning host at WBSM radio in New Bedford. Phil used to run the Shawmut Diner near the campus. It was a popular breakfast spot for the kids.

Oh yes, Phil knew the Joker. Shortly before the Muslim terrorist blew up the Boston Marathon, he and a few of his pals pulled the old chew ‘n’ screw on Phil. They walked out on their tab.

“Beat me out of 30, 35 bucks,” Paleologos recalled yesterday. “When I saw his mugshot on TV, oh yeah, I recognized him.”

It’s the Tsarnaev way. Everything free in America!

The Joker is now in the Supermax federal prison in Florence CO. His Bureau of Prisons number is 95079-038. At the website, under release date it says: “DEATH SENTENCE.”

But in the meantime, he’s still got his snout firmly wedged in the trough. In 2021, Joe Biden sent the Joker a check for $1,400 – COVID relief.

When Republicans like Sen. Tom Cotton complained, they were accused of making it up, racism, Islamophobia, nativism, xenophobia etc. etc.

Paul Harvey used to like to report on “the rest of the story.” If anyone in the press asks me, I’d be glad to give them Phil Paleologos’ phone number. Might make a good follow-up to the good-leaving alone you gave the real story Monday.

As for Sen. Cotton, you’ll have to find for yourself.

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