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Former FBI official hopes agency will investigate massacre

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(NewsNation) — Evidence continues to be discovered at a rural Oklahoma home where multiple bodies were found.

Family members of the victims are angry at police for not properly processing the crime scene. Additionally, police have reportedly told family members to avoid speaking with the media.

During an emotional interview Monday evening, Lynn Wiatt, the aunt of four victims, spoke to NewsNation host Ashleigh Banfield about the disturbing discoveries. Bloody children’s clothing, a ledger with what appeared to be names and ages, cellphones hidden under floorboards, a four-inch stack of pictures, and restraints taped to the back of a dresser were among some of the findings.

Chris Swecker, former FBI criminal investigations assistant director, told NewsNation’s “Banfield” that he’s hopeful the agency will get involved.

“I’m shocked at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation wasn’t working on this from day one. I mean, this is very bad. I hope that they’re getting the FBI involved because this is what they do. They have entire units devoted to this type of thing. They know how to exploit computer and electronic evidence.”

Retired FBI Agent Robin Dreeke agreed with Swecker.

“The whole system down there is broken,” Dreeke said on “Banfield.” “Everything needs to be revamped. You need to bring in outside people right now. Leadership needs to be shaken up massively. I can’t explain any of this right now. It’s tragic.”

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