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Donald Trump Says Republicans ‘Eat Their Young’ In Rant About Members of His Own Party’s ‘Lack of Loyalty’

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The video, which was shared on Saturday, October 14, saw Trump unleashing his criticism towards both old and new members of the Republican party, as well as the donors and his 2024 rivals.

“I understand candidates that are losing by 57 to 70 points are getting together with RINO Paul Ryan, Mitt the loser Romney, Bill no guts or no talent Barr, and some broken political investors that will soon come to me, as most others already have,” Trump told his 6.4 million followers.

“These failed candidates should have started by campaigning effectively, which they didn’t because they really don’t have the skill or the talent to do so,” he continued. “Romney, who today couldn’t get elected dogcatcher in the great state of Utah, should have beaten an absolutely failed first term [Barack] Obama.”

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