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Situation in Garabagh showcases true position of anti-Azerbaijan parties

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Provocations continued by Armenian separatist forces for months
have greatly aggravated the situation in the region. On the eve of
the steps taken in the process of peace negotiations, Armenia has
again ignited the threat of war. For more than a month, the
terrorist groups, which have been continuously firing at the
positions of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces from the areas where the
peacekeeping units are temporarily located in Azerbaijan’s Garabagh
territory, have more gone astray this time and tried to violate the
territorial integrity of Azerbaijan by preparing a provocative
attack plan.

In addition, terrorist military units belonging to the
separatist regime in Garabagh and engaged in secret mining caused
the death of 7 Azerbaijani police officers and 2 employees of AAYDA
(an Azerbaijani agency of road construction) working in the area as
a result of a mine explosion.

It should be noted that since the signing of the capitulation
document on November 10, 2020, Armenian terrorist groups have been
engaged in aggressively mining in Garabagh. As a result of these
provocations, a total of 314 Azerbaijanis have become victims of
landmines. The unfortunate fact is that almost half of the victims
were civilians.

Another problem is that Armenian separatist groups are wreaking
havoc in the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan, in front of the
peacekeepers. Armenia, trying to avoid peace talks under various
pretexts, did not hesitate to resort to all dangerous means. And
finally, at the last moment, it made Azerbaijan to start
anti-terrorist activities.

The military situation that arouse today in the morning showed
that the Armenian side is once again engaged in provocations in the
region and that despite the so-called recognition of Azerbaijani
territories, it is always prone to armed terrorism in the region.
Not content with its destructive policy, Armenia also opened fire
on civilian areas in Garabagh, and as a result, civilians lost
their lives from the mortars fired in the direction of Azerbaijan’s

Separatists’ dens were blown up

The tense and dangerous situation in Garabagh forced the
Azerbaijani Army to strengthen its anti-terrorist activities.
Attack attempts of the other side were successfully silented, and
as a result, a number of illegal military facilities secretly built
by Armenian terrorists were destroyed by the Azerbaijani Army. The
Azerbaijani side also warned the population living in Garabagh
during military interventions. It should be noted that during the
Armenian provocations, non-military units armed themselves and
tried to fire against the Azerbaijani army.

In general, the attacks of the separatist regime and attempts to
claim territory against Azerbaijan in the last few months, as well
as the artificial hunger games created in Garabagh constitute the
core of all this tension. This was actually a scenario created by
both Armenia and some external governing forces, which once again
was destroyed by the victorious Azerbaijani Army.

Turkiye’s objectivity and West’s ambiguity

As always, the first reaction to the processes in the region
came from brother Turkiye. President Erdoğan’s 4-way negotiation
proposal was actually aimed at ensuring peace and stability of the
interested parties in the region. However, it is a pity that the
European Union, which openly expressed its opinion in favour of the
invader Armenia, tried to use more means of pressure instead of
supporting Turkiye in this direction. However, Turkiye insists on
the security of the region and supports the coming together of the
parties regarding the peace talks.

As for the headlines in the Western media, the situation is not
as encouraging as usual. Unfortunately, Europe, which does not take
a single step back from its biased position, tries to show events
in a way that suits them, not as they are. Such an inadequate step
also shows once again that in the future, the participation of
Europe and the West in general in the processes is useless.

Thus, the events that took place today showed that Azerbaijan is
not only honest in words, but also in deeds. The retaliatory
measures of the Azerbaijani Army proved once again that terrorism
and arbitrariness are unacceptable on the territory of

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on @ElnurMammadli1

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